We sacrifice by not doing any other technology, so that you get the best of Laravel.

We sacrifice by not doing any other technology, so that you get the best of Laravel.

Black Friday Special:
FREE 25-Hour Development Trial + 50% Off Later!

Black Friday Special:
FREE 25-Hour Development Trial + 50% Off Later!

Black Friday is here, and so is your chance to turbocharge your website & app.

At Laravel Lions, we’re celebrating Black Friday in style, and we have an exclusive offer just for you:

Try Our Expert Developers with a FREE 25-Hour Trial & If you like our service, HIRE OUR DEVELOPERS AT 50% CHEAPER RATE [No obligations]

Starting today, you can kickstart your Laravel or any other technological web development journey with the first 25 hours of our web & app development services absolutely free.

Why to discuss your development work with us?

Helped websites to double sales & engagement – With our UI-UX and development expertise, we helped numerous stores to double their sales and orders.

Official Technology Partner: As an official partner of multiple technologies, we have a deep understanding of the platform’s intricacies and access to the latest features.

Certified & Experienced Developers: Our team is made up of certified experts, ensuring top-notch solutions and streamlined development.

1450+ Web & App Consulted: We’ve successfully consulted and optimized over 1450 website & apps, giving us a wealth of experience to share with you.

Ready to claim your free trial? Fill the below form and let’s connect.

Solve your website’s technical issues before it’s too late.

According to a report, around 75% of sites and apps are facing technical issues.

Majority of the time, web owners avoid to solve them. But later on, such issues create a big mess.

Every small technical issue needs proper attention.

The issue that can be solved for 50$ today can cost you 5000$ or more in the future if it is not solved on time. It’s like when you don’t care about a fever at early stage, you may end up suffering more severe diseases later.

At Laravel Lions, when we perform a technical audit on hundreds of websites, we often find numerous viruses and technical bugs lurking within the site.

Website store owners are generally unaware of this issue. Technical troubles can spread and significantly harm the site in the future.

Therefore, it’s always advisable to conduct a tech audit before it’s too late.

If your site is experiencing any technical problems, or if you want to safeguard against future issues, contact us today.

Why to Upgrade Your Laravel Site to the Latest Version Laravel 10?

Upgrading your Laravel site to the latest version can provide several benefits, including:

Speed and Performance: With each new version of Laravel, there are typically improvements in performance that can help make your site run faster and more efficiently. This can lead to a better user experience for your visitors and can also help improve your search engine rankings.

New Features: Each new release of Laravel introduces new features and functionality that can help you build better and more sophisticated applications. By upgrading to the latest version of Laravel, you can take advantage of these new features and improve the functionality of your site.

Easier Maintenance: Upgrading to the latest version of Laravel can make it easier to maintain your site over time. New versions often include improvements to the codebase, documentation, and testing frameworks, which can help simplify maintenance tasks and make it easier to add new features to your site.

Improved Accessibility: Upgrading to the latest version of Laravel can ensure that your site meets the latest accessibility standards and guidelines, making it more accessible to users with disabilities.

Long-term Support: Major version upgrades typically come with long-term support (LTS), which means that you can receive bug fixes and security updates for a longer period of time. This can help ensure that your site remains secure and stable over the long term.

In addition to these five benefits, there are many other advantages to upgrading your Laravel site to the latest version. If you haven’t upgraded to the latest version yet, now is the right time to do so. Let’s discuss it further.

Santa hasn’t gone yet.
Claim your Secret Santa offer from Laravel Lions

Christmas has gone. But, we kept Santa for you.

We are offering FREE development for 25 hours at Laravel Lions.

No question, credit card or ANY details will be asked as this is SECRET SANTA offer.

You may have some code, bugs, issues with your site. We can cover it in under 25 hours.

As Laravel community leaders, we are here to help Laravel website and moile application owners to let their sites run smoothly.

This new year, let’s touch the height of your web & app sales once again. How? Let’s connect and discuss.

Why Should You Have AMC Contract For Your Site?

If you think investing in Web creation is just one-time affair, then you are completely wrong.

A website will lag behind its competitors if it fails to keep itself updated on regular basis. A poor performing website means compromised user experience that will lead to less traffic, increased bounce-rate, and decrease in sales & engagement which can be tackled by going for Website AMC contracts.

An ideal website AMC (Annual Maintenance Contact) covers:

– UI/UX improvements
– Security updates
– Upgrade service
– Bug fixes and error resolution
– Web content updates
– Speed improvement service
– API Management
– Regular store backups
– Server performance check-ups
– New feature/functionality implementation
– Third-party app integrations

Laravel Lions have served many Web merchants to be at their best through yearly AMC contracts. Our experts conduct site audit for Website to look for issues and areas for improvement, and take necessary action at the earliest.  Fill the below form if you want to improve your sales by doing AMC contract at affordable rates.

Quick Way to Hire Right Laravel Developer for your Store

Anyone can hire Laravel developer by searching from the web, but we are offer our clients a proper hiring flow. This helps us to assign the right Laravel developer, not any random developer. The flow is as per below.


To begin with, you can come to us to inquire about your project. Our team will filter the set of Laravel developers according to your requirement and then with sufficient date, sales team will contact you.


We will assign you dedicated developers whom you can interview based on different parameters. You can take as many interviews as you wish until you don’t find the right candidate.


The resource will be hired once you are satisfied with the interview process. No money will be taken for any interview. Selection will be as per your choice and criteria.


After the selection process, we can discuss the payment terms and finalize it based on project needs.


Together we can work towards creating an exceptional eCommerce experience for your users. Our team will work towards coming up with eCommerce solutions for your business that will help you to achieve your business goals through technical expertise.

Being a reputed Laravel development agency, Laravel Lions has served a lot of businesses with effective eCommerce solutions. Here we have a huge talent pool comprising of skilled Laravel experts whom you can hire as per your project requirements.

An Alarm to Update Your Website

Web Technology is changing positively day-by-day with lots of sales  & engagement based improvements.

Many web owners are adopting such changes & leveraging sales benefits.

These changes are based on

– Speed
– Development
– Coding
– Security
– & many other technical parameters

If your sales figure is not performing well, then you need to ask yourself when was the last time you did a web/app upgrade that made an impact?

Having a technical expert’s touch to your website will help your site to adopt changes that can increase sales and web engagement.

An old car cannot win the race against Ferrari with a booster.

It’s the right time to upgrade your site.

Reasons To Hire a Laravel Experienced Developer For Your Website

Hiring just some amateur Laravel developers will no good for you. You need to have the best ones on board!

Some of the reasons to hire experienced and skilled Laravel developers are:

  • Quick Realtime Solutions for your technical issues
  • Experienced and expert Laravel developers will provide customized business-specific solutions.
  • They will deliver flexible and scalable Laravel solutions that can be moulded as per your business needs.
  • They will develop multilingual sites quickly.
  • They will focus more on cybersecurity measure to protect client’s business
  • They will consistently deliver high-performing websites.
  • They have the confidence to build future-ready solutions.
  • They will complete the development and launch the site in the shortest time possible.

Over the years Laravel Lions have helped many business clients to reach their business goals by offering effective Laravel development services. We here have strong team of Laravel developers who have the experience and expertise in handling projects from different industry verticals. Again, we here offer flexible engagement models to help our clients choose the resources as per their requirements.

Fill up the form given below if you wish to talented hire Laravel developers for your development needs.

Save up to 70% by replacing your Laravel developer

Yes, you heard it right!

Unexperienced and incompetent Laravel developers will cost a project dearly. Such developers will only lead to more reworks and extension of the deadline thus making you to spend more unnecessarily.

The only way to handle this issue is by replacing the experienced Laravel developers at Cheaper rates who can help you with:

Project completion in MINIMAL time.
– SALES focused development
High quality & light weighted coding that can run your site faster
Better turnaround time
– Business-oriented strategy adoption

At Laravel Lions, we have a strong team of certified Laravel developers who follow all above practices to execute any type of technical project efficiently without burning your pockets.

We don’t charge clients blindly, but affordably. Fill up the form to replace your existing development team.

Small technical issues with your site/app? We got it covered for you.

Website and App owners meet with numerous bugs while operating their digital operations.

When they consult external development agencies for solutions, agencies BINDS them with LONG and COSTLY contracts.

This is not a solution, but a sweet deal for a development agency where Webmasters end up paying high.

To solve this issue, Laravel Lions come up with a plan where we focus on solutions.


Just share us your technical problem and we will give charge you to solve that Particular problem only.

Pay for whatever is troubling you. Don’t pay any extra penny.

Make sense? Let’s talk about technical issues on your site. We are ready to offer QUICK and PERMENENT solution.

Fill out the below form to connect with us with technical issues that are bugging you.

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